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Kamikaze: Trial by Fire (Animated Short Film)

3 ratings

Watch the Award-Winning Animated Short!

Kamikaze is a fledgling covert operative in a dystopian city where fresh food is more precious than gold. When a crucial retrieval mission goes sideways in order to survive Kamikaze must master the fine line between fight or flight.

Official Selection and Winner of Best Georgia Short at the 2021 Georgia Film Festival

Trial By Fire is the first ever animated short set in the Kamikaze universe. This 14-minute 2D animated adventure features an original story, exclusive music by ATLAS, and a stellar voice lineup including:

  • Dani Chambers as Markesha Nin/Kamikaze
  • Damon Alums as Orson Stykes
  • Monica Rial as Audrey Dalma
  • Jonathan Young as Toro Blackthorne
  • Kevin Paculan as Link Sohn
  • Lee Shorten as Toshi Nin

About Kamikaze:

Kamikaze is an award-winning comic series set 200 years after a pandemic wiped the planet clean of most plant life. It follows the origin of an unlikely folk heroine in one of the last places on the planet which can grow food!

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Kamikaze: Trial by Fire (Animated Short Film)

3 ratings
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