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Kamikaze Digital Archivist Pack

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A huge collection of digital pack of comics, animation, games, and more set in the World of Kamikaze!  Strap in, because there's a lot in this pack to love:

  • Trial By Fire Animated Short Film

  • Short Circuits Comics Anthology

  • Kamikaze Vol. 1 Graphic Novel

  • Kamikaze Vol. 2 Graphic Novel

  • New Reader's Primer to the World of Kamikaze

  • Trial By Fire Screenplay

  • Cosplay Guide

  • Scrapper Royale Printable Board Game Kit

  • Retrospective Podcast with the Creators of Kamikaze

Includes the following anthology comics:

  • Min/Max - Written by John 'Scooter' Robinson IV // Art by Erin ONeilJones

  • Son of a Jackal - Written by Robert Jeffrey II // Art by Takeia Marie

  • Coyote Run - Written by Talynn Kel // Art by Angeal Davis

  • SoundBox - Written by Malissa White // Art by Jamel Jones & Hank Jones

  • Midnight Run - Written by Dan Jolley // Art by Jamel Jones & Licca Kirk

About Trial By Fire

Trial By Fire is the first ever animated short set in the Kamikaze universe. This 14-minute 2D animated adventure features an original story, exclusive music by ATLAS, and a stellar voice lineup including:

  • Dani Chambers as Markesha Nin/Kamikaze

  • Damon Alums as Orson Stykes

  • Monica Rial as Audrey Dalma

  • Jonathan Young as Toro Blackthorne

  • Kevin Paculan as Link Sohn

  • Lee Shorten as Toshi Nin

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You're getting a digital bundle chock full of comics, animation, games, and reference material, made possible through the generousity of our Kickstarter Backers!

Comic Format
Full Color PDF
Film Runtime
14 minutes
Closed Captions


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Kamikaze Digital Archivist Pack

4 ratings
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